River Festival

Stratford River Festival 2016 As we drove in, queueing for parking, objective number one was clearly in sight – the Jabberwocky’s green van. But we knew before we left home how that would go: brunch split between one of those excellent Jabberwocky toasties and then lamb and salsa verde from the Slow Roasted Meat Kitchen. Of course it’s the annual Stratford River Festival, held in Stratford Upon Avon, by the side of the River Avon.

We discovered the festival a couple of years ago (see last year) quite by accident. It is just a great day (or two) out at the beginning of July. This year parking was a bit of a mission due, I believe, to muddy areas in the overflow parking. After a bit of frustration we did park, fed the Pay & Display meter and headed for brunch.

Stratford River Festival 2016With no disappointment from the toasties we took a stroll around the stands seeing some interesting clothes and bits and pieces of craft and foods. Of course, as is required of a festival clothes were purchased! The required lamb and salsa verde eaten, also with no disappointment, though a spot of rain forced us to take shelter in a tent for a short while. After a short boat ride, just to be on the water, we found another little gem, in the cleverly converted horse boxes of The Little Gin Company and neighbouring Little Rum Company.

With some good music on the go, the chairs and tables of the Little Rum Company, along with a tasty sampling of gin and rum mixed with ginger beer, grapefruit, tonic and a few other flavourings made for a pleasant afternoon. As I was driving they were good enough to give me the non-alcoholic version in the form of a ginger beer!

Stratford River Festival 2016Heading for the exit, the sixties singing of the lovely Midnight Sapphires caused us to stop. They certainly had the public dancing and enjoying themselves.

Once again the Stratford River Festival was worth the hour’s drive. And next year? It’ll be in the diary as soon as we know the dates. Come and join in.

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