Clouds in the sunset as the sun appears to be parked on the hills in the south of France. Taken from the beach near Vendres-Plage in the Lanquedoc-Roussillon region of the south of France. Clouds in the Sunset in France Clouds in the sunset as the sun appears to be parked on the hills in... Continue Reading →

The sunset off the town of Oia on Santorini is well known and attracts many visitors to the viewpoints and pathways of Oia.

Scrambled vapour trails reflecting the sunset at Saanen in Switzerland. In the mountains it is easy to forget, until you get there, that the sun effectively goes down behind the mountains well before the proper sunset. A few clouds or vapour trails, and a view down the valley can produce a pretty good sunset view.... Continue Reading →

If you want to catch great sunset photos you need to see the sunset. Missed this one but at least I caught the last of the light in this pretty sunset.

Arrive at Oia by boat and you have the choice of riding a donkey to the top, or taking a very steep walk. Here the Oia donkeys are heading in for the night, before sunset.

  Portiragne Plage Ouest Sunset on the Beach One evening on our trip to France we had an excellent tapas meal at a "guingette" on the beach at Portiragne Plage Ouest, near Beziers. The time of day was just right to catch the sunset. All the locals referred to the restaurant as a "guingette", translated... Continue Reading →

The sunset is lighting up the trees and casting a subtle light on the clouds above and behind the scene. A great Sunset at the Lake

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill in South East Warwickshire, near Leamington Spa, UK.The mill overlooks Chesterton village and is near the Fosse way. It was built in the 17th century, between 1632 and 1633. Chesterton Windmill Sunset.We went to the windmill specifically to take photos in the sunset. As we drove there we could see the clouds coming... Continue Reading →

An incredible sunset taken many years ago in Dundee, South Africa. Shot this originally on transparency film, but it was on that had to be scanned. This was one of those times when I went outside and ther it was. The picture just had to be taken. #h1t #sunset #southafrica #kwazulunatal #red #sundown via Instagram... Continue Reading →

A spring sunset I couldn't resist, even if only taken with a mobile phone. Work put me in a hotel near Leeds. Taking a walk before dinner, this pretty suburban sunset with it's vapour trails just had to be captured. This is another mobile phone photo. If I had taken the time to get the... Continue Reading →

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