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Durban from North Beach

Durban from North Beach.  Durban, the Beach and the Weather After 10 days in Durban we finally made it to the beach. This is North Beach in Durban. Why did we wait so long to go to the beach? Simply the weather has been atrocious. Not what I expected from Durban in mid-October. Some time […]

Lunch in the garden.

Lunch in the garden on a sunny day.

Durban Beachfron c 1966

What City is This?

What City is This? The photograph was taken on a family holiday sometime around the mid 1960s. Recently found, it has been scanned and cleaned up.

Snapseed photo processing

Snapseed – First Try

Interesting! I had to try this! I came across #snapseed recently. What better way to try it but to pick a pretty mundane “I was there” photo. This thing could be fun! Busy times, so it has been a few days since I shared Otto Münchow’s blog about Snapseed. I have subsequently used it to […]


Photographic Exhibition – 2016 – Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society

Every year in September our photographic club, the Adderbury Deddington and District Photographic Society holds its annual photographic exhibition. Usually this is a display of work from the last year. Now, our club is non-competitive. That means that, unlike many clubs, there are no competitions or judging of photos in the normal course of business. […]

Snapseed: Last Week’s Instagram — In Flow – Re-Blog

Snapseed – an interesting piece of software delivering the ability to process photos on Android. Spotted this excellent picture and had to re-blog it.

Flying inverted on a motorcycle

Flying Inverted

He’s flying inverted. On a motorcycle. Doing a loop at about 15 metres. Crazy motorcycle stuntman giving a show in mid-air.

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill

Chesterton Windmill Sunset. We went to the windmill specifically to take photos in the sunset. As we drove there we could see the clouds coming up. Here’s what was left of the sunset by the time the sun actually went down. We did get some pretty good pictures around the windmill anyway. from 500px Chesterton […]


Dundee Sunset

An incredible sunset taken many years ago in Dundee, South Africa. Shot this originally on transparency film, but it was on that had to be scanned. This was one of those times when I went outside and ther it was. The picture just had to be taken. #h1t #sunset #southafrica #kwazulunatal #red #sundown via Instagram […]

Balcon de Europa

Balcon de Europa

On a sunny day in the town of Nerja, in Andalucia on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The Balcon de Europa, giving a fantastic view of the sea and nearby coastline, is a 19th century monument. Here’s the view along the boulevard looking back towards Nerja. from 500px Balcon de Europa via IFTTT